There is always a beginning

Hello World. You may already know me; or at least, think you do.

I am a daughter of a parent who is experiencing depression.
I am a student in the MSW program at the University of Southern California.
I am passionate about mental health and how mental illness impacts the family system.
I am also an older sister, a friend, an intellect, and an avid runner.

          I have contemplated starting this blog for some time now. You see, beginning a new project isn’t as easy as it looks. There is an amount of risk involved; risk of placing myself, both my personal life & thoughts, out here in the blogosphere without a guarantee that there will be success. Luckily, I am a risk taker when I know that growth and opportunity will be experienced from this new beginning.

          This blog’s foundation will be an integration of my personal experiences of being a child of a parent with a mental illness and the insights that I continue to develop in my graduate education. This blog will also provide the platform for me to share my voice regarding current mental health and social work topics that arise in the media.


6 thoughts on “There is always a beginning

  1. Well, great job on taking that first step to completing your goals. I look forward to reading the insights you have as you take us through this complex world.

  2. Good. I’ll keep checking it out. Also: if you are going to lay it down, then lay it down. Read the article in today’s LA Times (3/9/13) on page E14 called “Sliding off the balance sheet” by Jane Greenstein. It is def not about MH — however, given your goals with this, I see a parallel with the bravery the author of that article showed about getting dumped on valentine’s day, with the bravery you want to show about what it means to grow up like you did — and still dealing with all of it…

    • Thanks Mistrano. I read the article you suggested from the LA Times. I’d like to discuss it more with you sometime. I hope you continue to read (and enjoy) the blog. Also, please continue sharing your thoughts.

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