Infographic of Mental Illness Facts

Infographic of Mental Illness Facts

This is a wonderful infographic representing the prevalence of depression, bipolar, and schizophrenia throughout the United States. Mental Ilnness affects people of all ages and all cultural backgrounds.

1 in 17 Americans live with a serious mental illness
1 in 4 families have a relative that has a mental illness

We are all in some way impacted by mental illness.

Stand together to decrease stigma.

If you’d like to read more regarding USC’s MSW program &/or about the infographic presented above, please visit this link:


11 thoughts on “Infographic of Mental Illness Facts

  1. So glad you found this, posted it, and then I saw it. Am saving this link for future reference. I find it mind-boggling that though 25% of families have a relative with a mental illness, we hear almost nothing about how intensely mental illness affects families and close community. Thanks for taking the time to put this out there.

    • Hello Aviets! I am glad you enjoyed this blog entry. I am within that 25%. I, too, find it surprising that the ways in which mental illness affects families, specifically the children and adolescents involved, are not discussed more often. However, there are some resources that address our concerns, such as NAMI and COPMI. I have included these resources in past blog entries. I hope you find these resources helpful.

      • Great – thanks! I’m familiar with NAMI, but will have to check out COPMI. My co-author and I realized a few years ago that there was almost nothing out there to help that 25%, so now we’ve published two books on the subject and spend a lot of our time leading workshops and support groups whenever the opportunity arises. We try to spread the word that depression can be very contagious, and we caregivers have to be sure to take care of ourselves, as well. Glad you’re getting the word out there, too.

      • Hello Aviets! COPMI is an Australian initiative. What are the two books titled? I am interested in reading them. I am glad to spread the word and awareness in regards to how mental illness impacts families and children/adolescents involved.

  2. You can find links to and info about our two books on our blog, “Let Me Sow Light” is directed toward those married to a depressed spouse, and “Dancing in the Dark” is for people with anyone in their lives – parent, child, friend, partner – dealing with depression. 🙂

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  4. Hello Brittany!
    I hope this message finds you well! My name is Gaby Acosta, and I’m the community manager for MSW@USC, USC’s Masters in Social Work program. I absolutely love your blog!
    First off, let me say “Go Trojans!” Hope your journey furthering your career, education and life-experiences with us has been nothing but wonderful.
    One question I had: I noticed there isn’t a link to the online program’s website for this infographic— do you think it would be possible to add that in case someone is interested after reading the post? This is the infographic image source:
    Your site is such a great read, and I’d love for your followers to be able to find more information if they choose to. Thanks so much for your time!
    MSW@USC Community Manager

    • Hello Gabby! Thank you for your kind comments and feedback regarding this blog. I will gladly include the online program’s website link onto the Mental Health infographic blog entry so that readers can find more information regarding the USC MSW program, if they wish. Thank you again for your feedback.

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