Social Work // a dove

Social Work // a dove

Social work incorporates all of these words throughout all ecological levels: micro, meso, and macro.

I find it interesting that the words form a dove. The dove, here in my opinion, represents the empowerment, hope, and the movement towards recovery that social workers provide to those they come in contact with.


7 thoughts on “Social Work // a dove

  1. I absolutely love this! Would it be okay if i put it on a flyer for the Social Work Club at my school! I showed it to many professors and they love it! I can forward you the flyer i made if its okay, (which i hope it is!)

      • Hi again Brittany! Hope all is well! So my social work club creates t-shirts each year for us all to wear at events, fundraisers and other things. Did you create this image? We would like to use it for our t-shirts!!

      • Hello Melissa! I hope this comments finds you well. I’m glad you liked this picture. I did not create it; I actually found it online somewhere. I’m sorry I cannot recall where I found it. Which school do you attend?

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