MAY is Mental Health Awareness Month

MAY is Mental Health Awareness Month!

Wear lime green this month to show the world your support and advocacy for mental health.

I advocate for my mother, my cousins, my sister, my grandparents, my friends, and myself. I advocate for those that are too often ignored by society: the homeless who also experience psychological symptoms/episodes and for the children who are simply misunderstood in school for being “weird” or “different”. Mental health is held close to my heart because it impacts so many of us on multiple levels (ie. individually, as a community, as people of this world, economically, physically, and spiritually).

Let’s continue the discussion about mental health so we can dismantle stigma from our society!

1 in 4 American families are impacted by a mental illness
1 in 17 American adults have a mental illness

These statistics include mothers, fathers, siblings, sons, daughters, aunts, uncles, cousins, & dearest friends. Share your experiences with the world…


We can make a difference together! Stand tall & strong for mental health!


About Depression Facts:
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Children of Parents with Mental Illness:
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National Alliance on Mental Illness:


3 thoughts on “MAY is Mental Health Awareness Month

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