“Craziness” as a individual perception


“Crazy” and/or craziness is a term used to describe how something or someone is different, abnormal, psychotic, or unusual. What or who is crazy is interpreted on an individual basis, based upon what one perceives as different, abnormal, psychotic or unusual.

The definition of crazy and craziness is, in a broader sense of the word, a social construction that is perpetuated by societal norms.

When I hear someone being described as crazy, my thoughts rush to support the definition of what society has defined for me as crazy. On the other hand, I also find myself searching for a way to understand one’s defined craziness. However, in doing so, I forget that I am also “crazy”.

Here’s a thought.. maybe the person isn’t crazy at all. Maybe they are simply different, in no particular right or wrong way. Maybe, the person has a unique way of interacting with the world that is actually beneficial in their life. Maybe the rest of us, who are defined as “normal”, and therefore understood to be superior than the “crazy ones”, are severely flawed in how we see and interpret the world as a binary black-and-white reality. This last point is actually true. I believe it is a flaw to perceive the world as black and white, right or wrong; a large percentage of this experience we call life is grey, dependent upon circumstances.

I think we can actually learn a thing or two from those who are defined or described as crazy.

Here’s a thought:

When you find yourself wanting to define someone or something as “crazy”, I challenge you to ask yourself, why. Why do you feel the need to describe someone as “crazy”? Are they different, abnormal, unusual or psychotic in comparison to you? Are you using the word because you want to implicitly state your superiority? Or let it be known that you’re NOT also different or abnormal… when in reality you ARE different?

Evaluate what you say and how you say it… because what you define as “crazy” or “craziness” may be someone else’s reality.


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