“Depression, the Secret we Share” by Andrew Solomon; a TedTalk

“The opposite of depression is not happiness; it’s vitality”- Andrew Solomon

This is an amazing video about depression, both the humanistic experiences of depressive symptoms and the medical/psychiatric realms that interact with the mental illness.

While you watch this, please keep in mind that Solomon’s descriptions of depression are his subjective experiences of living with the illness. However, the stories he shares about what other people have experienced and the research he mentions can be generalized as a way to provide hope and to remind ourselves about the courage that exists in all of us.


Social Work // a dove

Social Work // a dove

Social work incorporates all of these words throughout all ecological levels: micro, meso, and macro.

I find it interesting that the words form a dove. The dove, here in my opinion, represents the empowerment, hope, and the movement towards recovery that social workers provide to those they come in contact with.