A documentary worth watching

A documentary worth watching

I attended the premiere of this documentary yesterday. The documentary is titled: “A New State of Mind: Ending the Stigma of Mental Illness”.

The documentary highlights the stigma that has engulfed individuals throughout California. The people are like you and me; they are from all races, ethnicity, and cultures. The documentary equally discusses the recovery model, which is based upon a strengths-based perspective.

This documentary will officially air on May 30th at 8pm as part of California’s Mental Health Movement. It’s a documentary worth watching.

Visit http://www.eachmindmatters.org for more information.


Social Work // a dove

Social Work // a dove

Social work incorporates all of these words throughout all ecological levels: micro, meso, and macro.

I find it interesting that the words form a dove. The dove, here in my opinion, represents the empowerment, hope, and the movement towards recovery that social workers provide to those they come in contact with.